Born in 1976 in south of France

I am Armenian and Corsican origin.

In 1998 to 2012 i had to stay at the same place.
Some big change happenig in my life.
So i got to make some choice.

33 years old, I decided cycling around the world.

37 years old, I started take a serious interest in photography.

I always travel alone, to get to the bottom of me, trying to find the inaccessible.
Through my travels, I have noticed that the mind works differently.
   I started feeling more sensitively, watching more carefully...
Everything was new to me, life outside, discovering new horizons, it was magic.
Then i started making images as if it were a part of dreams

So here's how I travel: I have my bike that allows me to go wherever I want, with four panniers, two at the front, two at the back.
There is everything to eat, sleep, wash... it's my room, my studio.... The luxury, the toilets, they always have a breathtaking view of the sky.
And i sleep everywhere i want. Each day i got a window open on a new landscape.                    
I ride at a moderate speed that allows me to be closer to the elements... I live from day to day... I let myself be guided by my instinct...
Sometimes I go back to places already visiting, because i've feel something to make a photographie.
 Sometimes it doesn't work at all, but it is always a pleasure to imagine the picture in my head and once i can achieve it...
 Especially after driving hours, days, see weeks to get to the place wish

I learned to master the Leica Monochrome instinctively on the road.
 It may sound silly, but I, sometimes, use my camera as a painter uses his brush, making a big gesture with my arm and i let the unexpected happen...
 That way, I can transform everything to find a language that suits me with which I can interpret my emotions. 
I want my images to be a reflection of what I live and feel

Sébastien Tokalian

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